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You are creative, passionate and intellectually curious. Where one person sees an obstacle, you see an opportunity. When others talk about problems, you focus on creating solutions. You have an entrepreneurial mindset and are driven to succeed. And that's what we're looking for.

Collaborative, innovative minds

There is no “average” employee here. We all come from different backgrounds, and this diversity is our strength. It frees us to see things from new perspectives and listen to each other with open minds.

Meet Frances

She started in 2014 as an analyst and is now a Director of Marketing Strategy & Analytics in one of our growth verticals. She provides data-driven insights and optimization strategies for both media and client teams. Frances also leads an analytics team that has helped bring QuinStreet's Home Services vertical to the next level.

“It is an amazing opportunity to work with very talented professionals that share the same vision.”

Meet Elliott

QuinStreet was Elliott's first job out of college. He now works on the Insurance Media team as an Account Manager, working with media partners to drive customers to clients. Elliott says he appreciates how QuinStreet has lots of young team members with fresh ideas, but also has senior-level leadership that imparts years of expert marketing knowledge.

“You get to touch so many parts of the business - it's great exposure.

Meet Niki

She started working for QuinStreet in 2008 as an associate and now she is the Senior Director and Head of Operations for our Internal Email team. Niki says she loves the environment at QuinStreet because it encourages team members to take initiative for new opportunities and collaborations within the company.

“If you're really good at what you do, and you work hard, you'll get a lot of recognition.”

Meet Ram

Ram started 12 years ago while finishing up his graduate degree. He is now a Vice President and runs our external and Internal Call Center and Merchandising for all of QuinStreet's products and services. Ram says he loves how the work environment keeps him challenged and that even though QuinStreet is a mid-sized company, it still functions like a startup.

“QuinStreet keeps me on my toes.”

Meet Ryan

He started at QuinStreet in 2014 after working in finance down in Southern California. Now he's an Analytics Manager responsible for large client accounts and an analytics team. He admires how the relaxed and comfortable environment at QuinStreet fosters open communication with peer colleagues and upper management alike.

“I like learning and this is a great place to do it.”

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Our headquarters are centrally located in the Bay Area, with several offices across the United States, and international offices in Brazil and India.

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